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posted this on April 25, 2012 15:56

Terms & Conditions


Membership Agreement

These terms and conditions outline the agreement between Qatar Airways and the Company, and Travelling Employees should be made aware of them and will comply with them.


Company means a licensed private company in the country of application and who does not currently have any other form of Corporate Agreement with Qatar Airways

Program Administrator means an employee of the Company authorized to enroll Travelling Employees in the Program, to administer the Company's participation in the Program and to redeem Qmiles for Awards/Upgrade on the Company's behalf

Eligible Flights means all flights operated by Qatar Airways where Qatar Airways is both the validating carrier and the operating carrier

Eligible Bookings means all bookings made on Eligible Flights in the following revenue booking classes:

First Class: F, P, A

Business Class: J, C, D, I

Economy Class: Y, B, H, K, M, L, V, S, N, *G

  *Only on group bookings using Market Fares (Deal Code XXXM?????? where XXX is the 3-letter city code of the issuing station and  ?????? is the corresponding deal code number).

Privilege Club means the Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Fraud includes any fraud, dishonesty and deceit and in particular includes but is not limited to:

  • Knowingly supplying incorrect information at the time of booking to accrue Qmiles or obtain Awards
  • Attempting to earn Qmiles for sectors which have not been flown or are not eligible for Qmiles
  • Altering documents to earn Qmiles or obtain Awards
  • Attempting to earn Qmiles flown by any person other than the Company's Travelling Employees
  • Using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets on Eligible Flights
  • Attempting to earn Qmiles more than once for the same sector
  • Redeeming miles on flights that do not relate to company business
  • Selling, bartering and/or purchasing Awards including attempting to sell or transfer Qmiles or Awards
  • Knowingly benefiting from the Fraud or Misconduct of another Member or individual

Independent Supplier means those suppliers whose services or products are offered as Awards as part of this program

Loss means losses, costs, damages, injuries, accidents or claims (whether direct or indirect) suffered by the Company or a Travelling Employee in connection with the Program

Member means a member of the Program

Membership or Membership Account means membership in the Program

Membership Number or Qbiz Number means the number allocated to the Company on registration with the Program which should be included when booking Eligible Flights and redeeming Awards, and which is used to log into the Qbiz account

PIN Code means the 4-digit code assigned to the member and sent to Program Administrator and which must be used when logging into the Qbiz account

Qbiz Deal Code is providedto the Company along with the Qbiz number and Pin code. It is inserted to the ticket or booking during ticketing through QR Offices or Travel Agencies to track the revenue of the Company and to auto-credit the Qmiles to the Qbiz account

Welcome Email means the email notification sent to the Program Administrator of the Company ones the company is accepted in the Qbiz program. It contains the Qbiz number, Qbiz Deal Code, Pin code and information on how to use them to ensure auto-miles crediting. Available booking options and how to claim missing Qmiles are also stated.

Qmiles means the mileage earned by the Company based on the revenue spent on Eligible Flights and Eligible Bookings

Misconduct includes:

  • Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions
  • Attempting to obtain Qmiles by Fraud
  • Misusing Awards
  • Misconduct on board an Eligible Flight or in an airport lounge or while checking in
  • Misconduct while dealing with our staff or the staff of an Independent Supplier
  • Failure to comply with the Qatar Airways General Conditions of Carriage

Qbiz Collateral means any on-line or paper based collateral used to provide Program information

Program means the Qbiz Award scheme as described in Qbiz Collateral and in these Terms and Conditions

Award means any flight ticket issued of the required number of Qmiles by, or other goods and services supplied by Qatar Airways or any Independent Supplier upon redemption by the Company for those travelling on behalf of the business

Award Flight means a one way or return journey on an Eligible Flight taken by redeeming Qmiles

Award Flight Upgrades means an upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class on Eligible Flights assuming an economy class revenue ticket has already been purchased, by redeeming the required number of Qmiles

Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions as amended from time to time

Travelling Employees means registered and eligible employees of the Company who are 18 years of age or over and who travel on an Eligible Flight in the course of Company business


  • Membership is not open to individuals
  • Membership applications must state the Company's full name, registration number and registered office address together with the Program Administrator's name and the preferred business address for correspondence. Company's cannot state more than one preferred mailing address for correspondence
  • Membership is offered at the discretion of Qatar Airways and may be refused to any applicant
  • Membership from entities not having registration number, which may include but not limited to Government/Semi-government/Diplomatic/Religious, is allowed provided approved by the local Qatar Airways Sales Team. Since registration certificate is not provided for such organizations, following should be used during registration to Qbiz program: 00000-XX
  • A Company may not join the Program if:
         a.  It is a travel agent, ticket brokerage firm or consolidator
         b.  It is one of Qatar Airways' marketing, promotions, advertising or consulting agencies
         c.  It already has a contracted corporate agreement with Qatar      Airways
  • Companies accepted into the Program will be given a Membership Number (Qbiz number), Qbiz Deal code and a PIN code
  • Multiple Memberships is not permitted and a Company must maintain only one Membership Account. In the case of duplicate Membership Accounts, all Memberships (except the first Membership approved by Qatar Airways) will be cancelled as will any duplicate Qmiles
  • Participation in the Program will commence once the Company has been provided with a Membership Number. By providing the Membership Number and participating in the Program, the Company agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time. This is in addition to the Company's acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on enrolment
  • Members should enroll their Travelling Employees to the Privilege Club progam
  • Changes to the Company name, Program Administrator (change of Program Administrator form) must be notified to Qatar Airways in writing and with all official documentation on Company letterhead and signed by a duly authorized signatory
  • Correspondence will be sent to the Company business address that was provided on application. We reserve the right to provide information including changes to the Program, only to Companies that are active in the Program
  • Qatar Airways will not be responsible for lost, late or misdirected mail
  • Correspondence from the Company to Qatar Airways should be sent via email only to
  • Membership will terminate automatically if all Qmiles expire in accordance with the Qbiz mileage expiry policy outlined below
  • If, when the Membership terminates in accordance with the clause below, the Qmiles balance is lower than the total required for the lowest level Award, then the balance will be forfeited
  • Membership will terminate automatically if there is no activity credited to the account within 1 year of membership
  • The Program is not a members or proprietors club

Protection of Data

The data, which is processed by Qatar Airways in connection with Travelling Employees, may include:

  • Membership data (such as Qmiles accumulated or redeemed)
  • Data about travel booked or undertaken by the Travelling Employee including data identifying any Company or organisation booking travel for the Travelling Employee
  • Data supplied by the Travelling Employee
  • Data collected when the Travelling Employee is provided with Awards and
  • Data collected when the Travelling Employee is otherwise in contact with Qatar Airways or an Independent Supplier
  • Data supplied by or on behalf of Travelling Employees may:
         a.  be supplied to Qatar Airways, Independent Suppliers, the Company, data processors, agents and contractors, and immigration and customs      authorities
         b.  include sensitive data which may also be processed in accordance with this Clause
  • The purposes for which data may be processed by Qatar Airways or a recipient of data may include:
         a.  Providing Awards to the Company
         b.  Making changes to Awards and developing new Awards
         c.  Providing customer service on Eligible Flights or other services provided by Independent Suppliers
         d.  Accounting and audit, safety and security, fraud prevention and investigation and systems testing, maintenance and development
         e.  The management and administration of the Program
         f.  Customer relations, service recovery and assisting Qatar Airways and Independent Suppliers in future dealings with the Company
         g.  Immigration and customs control
         h.  Customer profiling and other marketing and market research analysis
         i.  Communicating to the Company, information about the Program, including information about Program benefits, using any contact details      provided
         j.  Communicating to the Company, about other products, services or facilities offered by Qatar Airways, Independent Suppliers or other carefully selected companies using any contact details provided 
         k. Conducting market research, and 
         l.   Any other purpose which is obvious or is communicated to the Company
  • The Company is responsible to notify all Travelling Employees in writing:
         a.  Of the manner in which their data may be used or disclosed
         b.  That details of their use of tickets issued and other travel services booked through the Program may be provided to the Company on request
  • The Company shall inform the Program Administrator in writing that his/her data will be held by Qatar Airways in relation to the operation of the Program by Qatar Airways for the Company

Services Provided by Independent Suppliers

  • Some Awards will be provided by Qatar Airways and others will be provided by Independent Suppliers. Qatar Airways will use reasonable endeavors to      ensure the availability of Awards provided by Independent Suppliers but will not be liable for any Loss arising from failure by such Independent      Suppliers to provide such Awards
  • Qatar Airways  may discontinue relationships with Independent Suppliers at any time and  will give Members such notice of any discontinuation as is reasonably practical in the circumstances
  • The Qbiz Collateral will list the Independent Suppliers which offer services or  products as Awards

Members Eligible for Qmiles

  • Only Members  are eligible to Earn Qmiles as part of this Program and the Program  Administrator must ensure the Deal Code is included in bookings made by a travel agent, Qatar Airways ticketing office or on our website
  • Only tickets issued after the Membership is approved is eligible to earn Qmiles.
  • In case of retro credits, claims must be submitted to the local Qatar Airways office. The station Qbiz Administrator will then evaluate and consolidate all the  tickets and submit to Global Qbiz Administrator in the agreed format. Last flown segment of the ticket should not be more than 90-days old upon      submission

Flights Eligible for Qmiles

  • Qmiles can only be earned based on revenue spent on Eligible Flights
  • Agency discount tickets, industry discount tickets and airline employee discount tickets are not eligible to earn Qmiles as part of the Program
  • Travel taken on Award Tickets or other redeemed tickets is not eligible for Qmiles. However if booking an Award Upgrade, Qmiles can be earned on the revenue generated by the Economy Class ticket purchased
  • Flights taken by children, infants or by people who are not Travelling Employees will not be eligible for Qmiles

Earning Qmiles

  • Qmiles will be earned based on the $ revenue spent (base fare) by the Company on Eligible Flights excluding YQ (Fuel Surcharge), Taxes, Service fees and any other charges
  • The Travelling Employee must actually travel in order for the Company to qualify for Qmiles
  • Qmiles can only be accumulated once per flight per Member. Qmiles will only be credited to the Company whose Travelling Employee has traveled on the Eligible Flight  and not to any third party
  • Flown revenue for the previous month is only processed on the 18th of the  current month 
  • If not used, Qmiles will expire at the end of the following calendar year after the date of issue. For example, any Qmiles issued between 1 January, 2011 to 31 December, 2011 will expire on 31 December, 2012
  • Further details on how Qmiles are earned can be found at       
  • Qmiles credited in relation to the $ spent on Eligible Flights will be tracked and credited to one Membership account. Bookings with more than one Membership Number in them will not be eligible for Qmiles
  • Where a Travelling Employee is involuntarily rerouted by Qatar Airways onto another airline, and the original flight on which the Travelling Employee      was booked would have qualified for Qmiles, no Qmiles will be awarded. The same will follow if rerouting is voluntarily done by the Travelling      Employee
  • In the event of  a discrepancy between the reported revenue generated between the Company and Qatar Airways, the revenue accounting system reports generated by Qatar Airways will be used

Restrictions on Earning Qmiles

Qmiles may only be earned for tickets issued after the Membership to the program is approved.

If the Company goes into liquidation, receivership or change of administration, the Company will no longer be able to earn further Qmiles and the Company will no longer be able to redeem Qmiles for Awards.

Redeeming Qmiles

  • Only the Program Administrator may redeem Qmiles for Awards on the Company's behalf
  • Qmiles can be redeemed for business travels of the company as requested by the Program Administrator
  • The Program Administrator must log into the Membership account at or visit the nearest QR ticketing office in order to claim an Award
  • Qatar Airways will not be liable for any misuse of the Membership Number or any Awards which are incorrectly issued or used.
  • The Terms and Conditions for claiming Awards on Qbiz are the same as the general Privilege Club terms and conditions for Award travel
  • Awards provided by Independent Suppliers are subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the Independent Supplier
  • A ticket can only be upgraded using 1 company account (Privilege Club or Qbiz).
  • Award flight taxes, fees, charges and surcharges must be paid by the Company or the individual for whom the Award has been issued
  • Fees related to changes to Award tickets will be the same as those fees charged by Privilege Club Burgundy Tier for individual membership:

Travel date change:
More than 24hrs = US$25
Less than 24hrs = US$125

Flight change: same date/destination:
More than 24hrs = Free
Less than 24hrs = US$125

More than 24-hrs = US$25
Less than 24hrs = US$125
*less than 3hrs prior to departure

Destination change within same region:
More than 24hrs = US$25
Less than 24hrs = US$125

Travel date and destination change within same region:
More than 24hrs = US$50
Less than 24hrs = US$150

Cabin Class change on same flight: US$25

  • Award Flight and Award Upgrades are subject to availability and cannot be waitlisted
  • Award Upgrades can only be requested by the Program Administrator once the Economy Class booking has been made and ticketed

Unaccompanied minors cannot be booked on Award Flights or Award Upgrades as part of the Program


Rush Fee in Processing Award Bookings

Award booking should be created at least 7 days prior to outbound travel to avoid rush fee. Rush fee to be collected is the same as Privilege Club regular membership level.

Changes to Award Bookings

Flight bookings can only be made by the Program Administrator via  Changes in the booking can only be made upon payment of penalty fees at QR Ticketing Offices.  All changes are subject to availability.  Name changes are not permitted.

Privilege Club

  • If any Travelling Employee is a member of Privilege Club, the terms and conditions of that membership are unchanged by the Company Membership in      the Program. The Travelling Employee will continue to be entitled to earn Qmiles and Qpoints on flights taken under this Program in accordance with      the Privilege Club terms and conditions
  • Award Flights are not eligible for Privilege Club Qmiles and Qpoints. Where an Award Upgrade is made, the member may accrue Qmiles and Qpoints on the Economy      Class ticket which has been purchased
  • The Privilege Club number of the Travelling Employee must be entered into the booking along with the Company Membership Number in order for the Travelling Employee to be credited with Privilege Club Qmiles and Qpoints

Ownership of Qmiles

  • Qmiles and all rights of title to and property in such Qmiles, remain with Qatar Airways at all times and never passes to the Company or the Travelling Employee or      the Program Administrator
  • Risk (for example theft or unauthorised or fraudulent redemption) associated with Qmiles passes to the Company as soon as Qmiles are recorded in the Company's Membership account, or otherwise awarded to the Company. Qatar Airways is not liable for unauthorized or fraudulent redemptions

Non-Transferability of Qmiles

  • Except as otherwise provided by Qatar Airways and communicated to the Company, Qmiles are not transferable in any way (whether from person to person, account to account, statement to statement, card to card or otherwise) and cannot be bequeathed, devised or otherwise transferred by operation of law
  • Any purported purchase, sale, transfer, unauthorised use (including bartering), procurement or redemption of Qmiles issued or awarded to another person or any other use of Qmiles contrary to these Terms and Conditions will constitute a fundamental breach by the Member of these Terms and Conditions. It will also constitute a breach of the contract between the Company and Qatar Airways
  • Each Member acknowledges that a breach pursuant to the Clause above may also constitute an inducement to breach the contract between the Company and Qatar Airways, intentional damage to Qatar Airways' business, conspiracy and criminal offences under applicable local or national law. Any breach pursuant to the Clause above will constitute Fraud and/or Misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly

Your Rights to Terminate Membership

The Company may terminate Membership in the Program in writing.  Correspondence should be sent via email to stating that the Company no longer wishes to be a Member.  The letter must be on the Company letterhead and signed by the duly authorized signatory.  Any such termination will result in a loss of all Qmiles and does not relieve the Company of any continuing obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

Qatar Airways Right to Terminate Membership

  • Qatar Airways reserves the right at any time to suspend, terminate or cancel the Company's Membership.
  • In addition to any other rights or remedies, Qatar Airways reserves the right at any time in absolute discretion to terminate the Membership of any Member if a Member or any Travelling Employee commits Fraud, Misconduct or is given a banning notice. Qatar Airways will write to such Member stating their Membership is being terminated for this reason. Qatar Airways may in its discretion suspend such termination and remove Qmiles and/or request undertakings in respect of future conduct
  • In case of Fraud and/or Misconduct, Qatar Airways may cancel all accrued Qmiles of the Member and any Award Tickets and Award Upgrades
  • The Member shall be liable to Qatar Airways for the full price of any travel undertaken on Award tickets, wholly or partially as a result of such Fraud      and/or Misconduct, in accordance with the published fare applicable to such travel together with any reasonable costs, including legal fees incurred by Qatar Airways or any Independent Supplier

Termination of the Program

  • Qatar Airways may suspend or terminate a Member's right to earn or redeem Qmiles or suspend or terminate the Program
  • Qatar Airways will use reasonable endeavors to give at least three months notice of termination of the Program or a Member's right to earn or redeem Qmiles issued by Qatar Airways.
  • Qatar Airways may impose a time limit upon the validity for redemption of any Qmiles which have been allocated by Qatar Airways. This limit may be amended by Qatar Airways from time to time, entirely at Qatar Airways' own discretion
  • Should the Qbiz terminate, then the Program will automatically terminate at the same time

Modification of Awards

  • Qatar Airways may from time to time, change the Award levels required to claim a Award Flight or an Award Upgrade
  • Any changes will be at the sole discretion of Qatar Airways and Qatar Airways will use reasonable endeavors to give at least three months notice of any such changes

Modification of Qmiles

  • Qatar Airways may from time to time, change the Award levels required to claim a Award Flight or an Award Upgrade
  • Any changes will be at the sole discretion of Qatar Airways

Variation of Terms and Conditions

  • Qatar Airways' reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions from time to time
  • Members who do not accept the amendments may terminate their Membership
  • Qatar Airways will only provide notice of changes to the Program or to these Terms and Conditions to those Members who are active Companies

Limitation of Liability

  • Qatar Airways makes no representations as to any income, use, excise or other tax liability of the Company or Travelling Employees as a result of the Company Membership of or participation in the Program
  • Such a tax liability may arise for example if a Member obtains Qmiles and/or Awards as a result of business expenditure. The Company and the Travelling Employees are advised to check with an accountant or tax advisor for further information
  • The Company is solely responsible for any tax liability incurred as a result of Membership

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in

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