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Credit Card Payments

Ali N. Alharazi
posted this on March 31, 2011, 09:40

We would like to inform you that Qatar Airways, in conjunction with credit card issuers, does not permit online payment for tickets with departures from certain stations if the card holder is not travelling with the ticket holder.

Qatar Airways requires:


  • The credit card holder accompanies the traveller(s) to the check-in counter (he/she must have the physical credit card and a valid ID or passport)


  • The credit card holder must complete the 3rd Party Credit Card Verification process as follows:

1. Transact through our website and, when you reach the payment page, select ‘No’ next to the question 'I confirm the credit card holder is one of the travellers'. If the message 'The card holder must be one of the travellers' is displayed, then unfortunately your selected trip cannot be booked online if the card holder is not one of the travellers.

2. Complete the booking according to the instructions on the screen.

3. Follow the link in the last step of the booking to complete your payment verification, or go to

4. The card holder needs to submit the form with his/her details, card number and scanned passport.

5. You will receive an email once the verification is completed. The process can take up to 3-5 days.

6. Alternatively the card holder can proceed to the nearest Qatar Airways office to physically present the card.

Qatar Airways reserves the right to deny boarding if the card originally used for the purchase cannot be presented by the cardholder at check-in or the above document is not provided.


For further information, contact your local reservations office.

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