What were the recent changes made to the Privilege Club Programme

Effective 4th October 2013,  key changes / new additions were made to the Privilege Club Programme and these include:


• Membership levels – Introduction of the Platinum tier

• Tier qualification and renewal thresholds

• Tier validity period • Member benefits

• Introduction of a new reward benefit: Qcredits for Gold and Platinum members

• Mileage expiry period

• New Redemption charts (Miles required for awards & upgrades, Flexibility in Qmiles plus cash, reduction in fees / surcharges payable for an award ticket)

• Minimum enrolment age

• Family Programme rules

• Introduction of a new feature: Extend and Revalidate Qmiles

• Discounts on online redemption • Discounts for shopping at Qatar Duty Free

To read more about the changes to the programme, please click here

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