How do I move from one membership tier to another?

Qpoints earned within any 12 month period count towards determining if your membership qualifies for a tier upgrade.

Once your membership tier is upgraded, you will require less Qpoints to renew your membership tier. Qpoints earned over the last 12 months or the last 24 months are considered to determine if you have met the criteria to retain your membership tier.

The following chart shows the number of Qpoints required to upgrade and retain your membership tier

Membership Tier

Qpoints required to upgrade

(within any 12 month period)

Qpoints required to renew (earned 12months prior to renewal date)

Qpoints required to renew(earned 24months prior to renewal date)






150 Points

135 Qpoints

270 Qpoints


300 Points

270 Qpoints

540 Qpoints


600 Qpoints

540 Qpoints

1,080 Qpoints

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