What are Fare Families?


The Qatar Airways Fare Families offer consistent and easy to understand travel options across cabins allowing you greater flexibility to choose fares that match your preferences and travel budgets.

Promo Fare
A Promo Fare is Qatar Airways’ lowest fare and is available only for a limited time. However, it comes with more restrictions than our other fare families.

Saver Fare
A Saver Fare is Qatar Airways’ base level entry fare and is available for sale and travel year round, subject to availability. These fares are changeable and refundable for a fee.

Value Fare
Value Fares allow cancellations and changes at a reduced fee along with a longer ticket time limit window as compared to our Saver fares.

Flexi Fare
Flexi Fares allow changes and cancellations at no cost (except in case of no show) and provide the longest ticket time limit.

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